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Customer Testimonials

Who better to attest to the value of the product than those who use it everyday?

"Thanks to WebPosition, our business and Internet traffic has increased 8 to 12 fold. WebPosition Gold is the most Amazing product I have seen since the invention of the paper clip. You have taken everything I need to market my web pages to the search engines and bundled it into one convenient, easy to use, time-saving package.

Thank you for your contribution to the world. I have no doubt that your company will reach the highest levels of success."

Philip K. Akalp

"WebPosition GOLD is fantastic! All of the web tools that one needs to properly monitor and maintain a top ranking is in one package. Not only does it report your rankings on the top search engines, you can analyze your keyword weight and prominence! It will then give you specific tips and recommendations to increase your rankings for EACH search engine. Webposition GOLD is like having your own professional search engine placement service at your beck and call for pennies on the dollar!"

Rodney File
R.A.D.I.C.A.L Consulting

"...as the ranking increased in the major search engines the number of visits rose significantly. In some cases it was 20% increase for more heavily visited sites and up to 400% on more obscure web sites."

Tom Welch twelch@lumberjack.com

"WebPosition gets an A+ rating from me. Thank you for a fine product."

Rory Burdine,President,
TekPAGE Internet Solutions

"I want to thank you. I spent a long time trying to find a tool to do what WebPosition does. I love it!"

- Jonathon Pain, Tech. Manager,

"This is probably the best thing I've found on the net!"

- Nico McLane,
Aeden Innovations


"I just have to tell you, WebPosition works! I purchased your product just a few short days ago, implemented many of its suggestions, and have gone from over #200 on InfoSeek for one of my primary keywords to #13 on their search results! What this has meant for me is that my site hits have actually quadrupled from 55 - 60 hits a day, to more than 200 hits a day in that short period. And I expect that number to increase even more dramatically in the near future, when the other search engines get around to indexing my site. If there is one thing I would advise any site owner, whether for a personal homepage or a commercial page, it would be to get WebPosition. It works dramatically. Thank you for this fine product."

- Vernon Anderson,
Cool Sounds & Free Stuff

"I just loaded WebPosition. It installed without a hitch and [it has] a great interface. I performed my first "mission" [to check my search positions] within two minutes of finishing the install. Great Job!"

- Rob Beaton

"Since using your program my web pages are positioned as follows if you search for "drinking-water filter":

InfoSeek #1
WebCrawler #1
A2Z #1
Magellan #8
Lycos #9
Excite #14
AltaVista #20"

- Allan Stein

"Super Product! Hits on our site continue to grow. Each week, since we started using WebPosition, our hits have grown by at least 10%. Fifteen minutes a day with WebPosition makes a big difference. It's really nice that I can select multiple search engines and check all of them at the same time, but when I really want to get serious about moving up within a search engine, I setup a mission just for that engine so I can check it very quickly. "...Fantastic Software!!! I moved from "out of the top 100" to "in the top 20" to "#1" in Infoseek in three days, spending no more than 15 minutes each day."

- Tom Schwarz,
Sunlight Software


"Congratulations, once again, on a great product. I played with the demo for a week and then, last night, ordered Standard edition version. I am impressed every time I come near the quality and brilliance of your work. Not just the software and its conception and execution, but your follow-up mailings and now the newsletter. Masterful in every realm."

- Bill Masi

"Not only does WebPosition allow me to cut hours off my workload and focus on improving the visibility of our clients in the most effective manner, but the technical support provided by Brent and the team at WebPosition is unsurpassed. Frankly, I am overwhelmed at times by the ease of use and sheer pleasure I experience each time I use WebPosition. It's a webmaster's dream come true. ...I want to thank you. I was looking a long time trying to find a tool to do what WebPosition does. I love it. ...I have found the Web Position to be a consistently useful and valuable tool."

- Jonathon Pain, Webmaster and Promotions Manager,

"I read through your suggestions on what to submit and found it very useful. I love your term "doorway" pages. ...The potential for your program is wonderful. I have considered promotion on the Web an art up to this point. With WebPosition, it has the potential to be more of a science."

- bea@kprinc.com (Kpr Inc.)

"Thanks for all your help. I am very pleased with your service and software and would recommend it to anyone who wants to promote their Web page. You can use my name and E-mail address for a referral if you want. I am having great success on every search engine except AltaVista, but with your software and help, I am sure I will get in the top position."

- Earl Jacobson

"Downloaded your product and tried it once. Have just sent in my order. This is a "must have" product for anyone who is serious about marketing on the Internet. Great job of designing the product."

- Del Ball, President,
Opportunity Management, Inc.

"I will be ordering your [WebPosition] bundles via fax and mail with company check. But I wanted you to know, that since I started to use your trial WebPosition program, it has been just great. I learned and improved our [search] position more than I could have imagined. It is really worth much more than your asking price and anyone who is trying to do business on the Internet is crazy if they don't try it and order it. Thanks again for the opportunity."

- Paul Faaborg, President,
The Iron Works

"Web Position is the BEST software around for letting anyone who has a web page know where they are listed on all the major Internet search engines. It is a "must have" piece of software for Webmasters of large sites and small home pages. It has a very simple interface, coupled with a detailed HTML style report on the Position of your Web site. 5 out of 5 Stars from Download.Net."

- Glenn Duncan, Webmaster,

"...I am really pleased with WebPosition. It's an extremely productive tool for me."

- Matt Smith

"Congratulations on a terrific product! It was money well spent, and so far we are very happy with it."

- Tad Kershner

"I want you to know what a perfect piece of software I think this is! It is just what I've been looking for (and many others, too, I'll bet). I write a free monthly newsletter called WebNotes with a subscriber base of slightly over 300 after just the second month, all of them online marketers. Although I usually include a freeware selection in each edition, WebPosition is such a powerful tool for them I will be including the link to it in the August publication (actually the Referral Partner link. Who could pass that up?). Thank you for developing such a wonderful tool!"

- Jim Kistner, Jr.

"I've just started using your very impressive product. It looks as if it will save hours of time and help us a lot with our marketing effort."

- Piers Nicholson

"Taking great pride in being a professional Web site Designer and Consultant always meant giving my customers the upper hand (or edge) on their competitors. It wasn't until I used WebPosition that they got the only 'edge' I missed... 'Being Listed on the FIRST page of all the major search engines'! Our customers couldn't be happier. Respectfully submitted,"

- C. Downer

"I have a web site called www.DontSmoke.com that I created to HELP people quit smoking. I created this web site in mid June of 1998 and of course I received no traffic. I then purchased your Web Position software and spent some well spent time creating different pages for different keywords and different search engines.

Well anyway, now I receive from 800 to 1000 hits a week and the count is constantly increasing. I've bought more domain names and created some Doorway pages with them. Your software has been a BIG help in helping me HELP OTHERS!

Keep up the GREAT WORK. Your product can only get BETTER as you develop it.

Thanks for offering such a FAIR priced product for the average person to benefit from."

-Shell Silva

[WebMaster Note: I was going to add even more comments we've received, but I was afraid it might take too long to load the page. If the above doesn't convince you, check out the reviews by various publications or just download it now!]

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