WebPosition Gold
"Setting a New Standard In Web Promotional Software"

System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/NT or compatible emulators.
Download Your FREE Trial Below....
(Trial version is limited to 3 search engines and times out after 30 days. To try WebPosition Gold risk-free for 45 days without limitations, simply order the full version and take it for a spin.)
If you are new to the Internet then print out the complete instructions for downloading and installing WebPosition Gold for your reference. (Basically you just download it and run the wpgoldsetup.exe).

To download your copy of WebPosition Gold (3.5 MB) simply CLICK the following link:

(After clicking, you may need to select the SAVE FILE button with some browsers to begin the download. If you have any problems connecting, try an alternate link).

If you get the message "Installation Corrupt" or a similar message when running the wpgoldsetup.exe, then your download did not complete or got aborted prematurely. Go back to the download page and download the file again. It should be about 3.5MB in size when it finishes.

Existing customers: If you need to re-install WebPosition, simply download the trial version, install it, then re-enter you unlock code, or restore your webpos2.lic file from a backup.

QUESTIONS?  If you have any problems or questions downloading WebPosition Gold, contact us at support@inslink.com with a complete description of the problem or error.