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--Tucker Snedeker
  JGSullivan Interactive

"Just wanted to let you know that your product is working out really great for us at JGSullivan and our clients, including companies like Whirlpool and The College Football Hall of Fame. In the last two months since I began using your product, I have been able to get a much better feel for where improvements in site registration were needed."

"On one of our sites I have gone from approximately 20,000 page impressions in August to 35,000 in September. and then 108,900 thousand in October! If this traffic continues I will easily hit half a million page views in six months. It would have taken me almost 2 years to get to a half million page views at [my previous rate of] 20,000 page views a month! This drastic increase was partially due to banner ads we began running, (about 25% from the banners) but the majority has been from better positioning and coverage in key areas for our site. This was made possible by identifying both our positions and our competitors equivalent site positioning and then addressing weaker areas to improve search results."

"Thanks for the great product and keep up the great improvements. [WebPosition Analyzer] 1.08 is a great step forward!"

Tucker Snedeker
JGSullivan Interactive

Think this glowing review might be a fluke? Nope. We get dozens of great comments every week...

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