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Becoming a WebPosition Referral Partner or Dealer

WebPosition is the first of a new class of Web marketing products. As a result, we've received many inquiries from customers and visitors who wish to make money selling WebPosition or referring people to us.

We've compiled all the best ideas into an exciting opportunity that will let you participate in the rapid growth and success of WebPosition.

Room for Growth!

There are roughly 14 million Web sites on the Internet today and that number is growing rapidly. Most are potential customers for WebPosition. We need the added reach of a solid dealer and referral channel to sell to all of them. That's where you come in.

Once you become a Dealer, you will be modeling our most successful techniques and strategies. You can use the exact same Web site, graphics, logos, and fulfillment that we've used successfully. We'll even process your credit card orders if you don't have a merchant account! The key is that this is a *proven* model.

Two Unique Opportunities to Choose From:

1. Referral Partner:   Earn 15% of all sales resulting visitors you referred to the WebPosition Web site for as long as you remain a Partner. Simply add a link to our site - could it be any easier?

  • NO selling
  • NO sign up fee to get started!

2. WebPosition Dealer:  If you're serious about starting a business and making some real money on the Web, then becoming a Dealer (i.e.: reseller) will make you 30%-40% from every sale! You may even sign up dealers yourself and make money from their sales. Requirements are minimal allowing you to get started in just minutes!

Either way you WIN!

Both plans are backed by FirstPlace Software's 100% commitment to your success - after all, we have a vested interest. The more you earn, the more we earn.

Maybe you're wondering if selling software should be a part of your online business strategy? According to the Georgia Tech. Seventh WWW Survey, over 70% of respondents reported that they used the Web to find information about software products costing more than $50 -- that compared to 66% in the Sixth survey.

This means more people are buying software online than ever before and the number is growing. In fact, of all the thousands of products sold on the Internet, software remains the NUMBER ONE seller!

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