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 [HTML Reference]
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Page View Generally, the viewing of all of the elements on a page is called a page view. However, some advertisers count a framed page view as viewing all of the frames that make up a page while others count each page as a page view to inflate the number of page views counted.

Pay per Click (PPC) A type of advertising price structure where the advertiser pays depending on the number of times the published ad is clicked on.

Pay per Lead (PPL) In this type of advertising payment structure, the advertiser pays depending on the number of leads actually delivered by the ad. Information can often be entered directly into the banner ad.

Pay per Transaction (PPT) In this type of advertising payment structure, the advertiser payment is subject to the number of sales made from the ad.

Perl An interpreted language commonly used to write CGI scripts.

PNG Portable Network Graphics image file format (pronounced Ping). The PNG format implements transparency and interlacing as well as an Alpha channel that supports partial transparency.

Public Key Encryption

A special kind of encryption that depends on a key pair. If something is encryped with the public key, only the person with the private key can read (decrypt) it.



Quark Express Quark Express is a popular page layout program.

Query A query is a request to a database, normally written in SQL (structured query language).


 Radio Buttons Radio buttons are placed on forms by using the input type="radio". Radio buttons are placed in a group by giving each the same value for the name attribute.

Relative URL A relative URL is a URL that changes the browser location relative to the file that is making the request.

 Screen Resolution Color monitors normally give the user a number of screen resolution options. The smallest screens normally use a 640 x 480 screen resoulution to fill the screen of a 15 in. monitor. If the screen resolution is set to a higher number like 800 x 600, images on the same screen will appear to be proportionally smaller.

Scripts Scripts are a serier of text commands written in a particular format that can be interpreted by a script processor. Scripts allow dynamic interaction with HTML pages.

SWF Shockwave Flash file (.swf). Can be referred to as a "swiff." This is the file format of a rendered Macromedia Flash file. It is used as s standalone Flash website or as elements such as navigation and banners.

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Tables Tables are an HTML contruct that allow web page designers to place page objects precisely on a web page.


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