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 [HTML Reference]
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File A document or image that is stored on a computer.

File Formats The format that a file uses. Typically used when referring to a graphical file such as GIF, JPEG, or PNG.

Firewall Software that is meant to separte a company's internal network from an external network, such as the Internet.

Flame, Being Flamed, Flame War A hostile, and often derogatory, note that is posted on a discussion board or sent as an e-mail message. The person who receives the note has "been flamed", and if an angry exchange takes place, it is referred to as a "flame war".

Flight An advertising campaign that runs for a specific web site over a specified time span.

Formatting Formatting normally refers to the use of tag attributes and style sheets to determine the way an HTML page looks when it is rendered by a browser.

Forms Website visitors and users of Internet applications submit information through the use of forms. These forms allow the user to interact with an application and allow information to be passed dynamically between two points.

Frames A structured way to divide an HTML page. The concept of frames was introduced by Netscape and included by the W3C as part of the HTML 4.0 specification.

Frontpage A Microsoft application that can be used as an end-to-end Web site management tool.
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GIF Graphic Interchange Format. An image format developed by Compuserve. It is used mainly for line art and logos. (See JPEG)

GIF89a The GIF89a standard supports three page effects: interlacing, transparency, and animation.

Graphics When used on a web page, a graphic can be any image file used on the page. web designers commonly turn text into a graphic image so that they can control how the text will look when it appears on the page. A graphic can also be a picture or art specifically created to create a "look and feel" on a website.

Guest Books Guest books are commonly used on a website to obtain user information such as name and e-mail address.

GUI Graphical User Interface. A graphical user interface is the screen (or form) that is designed to accept information from a user. It is normally composed of text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, etc.


Hit A hit is a record in a server log file that happens when a resource is requested from a server. If a web page is made up of HTML code and 10 graphics, when the page is requested, the server registers 10 hits. As such, it is an inaccurate measurement of measurement of web page traffic.

HTML HyperText Markup Language. Hypertext markup language is the common language of the Internet and is the language used for the majority of script that define how web pages look. It has two primary features, the use of hyperlinks that allow links to be made to any other web resource and the fact that the script is a text file, which allows it to be created and viewed by any computer.

HTML Editors HTML editors assist web page designers in the preparation of HTML code. There are two primary types of editors -- texteditors and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). A common text editors is Homesite. Common WYSIWYG editors are Dreamweaver, Frontpage, and PageMill.

HTTP HyperText Transfer Protocol. This is the web protocol. It is simple and stateless. No interaction occurs between the server and the client other than the call and the response.

Hyperlink A hyperlink uses the A container tag to create hypertext characters. When clicked, the web browser software is instructed to load a particular resource specified by the href attribute of the A tag.


Image map An image map defines discrete clickable areas of an image that act as hyperlinks.

Impression An impression is defined as the view of a page by an internet browser. In other words, if a visitor views a page that has an ad on it, that is counted as an impression. When and advertiser pays for advertising on a site, it is common that the advertiser is charged a set amount per 1000 impressions (See CPM).

Interface A screen that is designed to allow user interaction.

Interlaced Gif Images An interlaced GIF file has non-adjacent part of the image stored together. As a browser reads the file, it appears to fade-in over serveral passes. This allows the user to get a sense of how the image will appear without waiting for the entire image to load in the browser window.

Internet The internet is a global network of computers. It was originally conceived and built by the U.S. government for defense against a centralized attack. The idea was to create a network that would be able to continue communication even if one area (or many) became inoperable.

Interstitial The type of ad that many Internet users "love to hate". Commonly designed to pop-up in front of or behind the page actually requested by the user. It then requires the user to take some type of notice or action, if only just to remove it from the viewing screen.

Intranet A group of networked computers that exist within an enterprise that use Internet protocols. In other words, a private web.


Java A programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that contains its own platform independent libraries. Java programs that run on their own are called applications while programs that run with the help of a Web browser are called applets.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) The Java Virtual Machine interprets the bytecodes that are written by the Java compiler. The JVM is software that has been compiled for most common computer platforms.

Javascript A scripting language designed by Netscape. This type of script enables commands to be embedded in a web page.

JPEG Joint Picture Experts Group files. It is a set of formats that support full color images and stores them in a compressed form. Although great for full-color images, it does not allow some of the effects of GIF files.


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