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Keyword A word or series of words used to describe the primary purpose of a website. See Meta tags.



Layers A way to place web page elements exactly. Originally developed by Netscape, layers are not uniformly supported by browsers.

Link The common name for a hyperlink. A hyperlink allows a user to move from one web page to another.

Log File A file that is generated on a server. This file keeps track of every resource requested from the server, the browser used by the surfer, and other information. Used by traffic analysis software to produce traffic reports that can measure web site success.

Meta Tags This is an HTML tag that appears within the HEAD tag. It allows the page designer to create a description of the page content and a list of keywords. These tags are often read by search engine spiders when a search engine categorizes a web page.

Modem A MOdulator/DEModulator. A device used to connect a digital computer to an analog telephone line.

Netiquette Etiquette for the Internet.

Newsgroup A Usenet group that discussed a specific topic.  


Opera A type of Internet browser software


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