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InsLink makes no representation regarding any of the sites that are included in this directory. Please use your own judgement when evaluating the sites that are included and the products that they offer!

1.  What is the purpose of this directory?
2.  How can a site be included in the InsLink directory?
3.  Must I have a listing in the InsLink directory in order for my site to be linked?
4.  What are my advertising options?
5.  How were the links in the directory decided upon?
6.  Are there financial arrangements with any of the sites that are linked?
7.  I clicked on a link and received a "file not found" error message. Why?
8.  I found a site that seems to be in an incorrect category. Why?


1. The purpose of this directory is of offer links to sites that may be of assistance to web site owners and webmasters as they strive to build and drive traffic to their sites. As stated on each page, this directory is meant to be a comprehensive list of tools and information that can be used to increase site traffic, build site brand, generate leads, and (hopefully) increase sales.

2. To be evaluated for inclusion in this directory, complete the submit site form. We will evaluate the site that is submitted and decide whether or not to include it in the directory. InsLink, Inc. reserves the right to include or exclude any site at any time for any reason.

3. Normally, the content of the site requesting a link must be relevant to webmasters. However, if your site content does not fit in the directory, there is still a possiblity that we will link to your site. In order for a link to be placed, the following criteria must be met: 1) the site requesting the link must be approved by InsLink, Inc., 2) the site requesting the link must submit a definition of an Internet related term for inclusion in the InsLink dictionary, 3) the site requesting the link must link to the InsLink site using the following code: <a href="">The InsLink Webmaster Directory</a>.

4.  InsLink offers text-link advertising. Be included in The HOT List. In addition, we will exchange links with chosen sites under certain conditions.

5.  The link in the directory is visited prior to inclusion. If a site editor feels that the link exchange request is appropriate, we will place the site link in the requested category. The InsLink directory does not claim to list all sites in a particular category, nor does the lack of a listing on this site imply that the site content is not appropriate. InsLink will consider all sites that are submitted for inclusion in the directory. However, the inclusion of a particular site will be at the complete discretion of InsLink, Inc.

6.  Several of the sites in the InsLink ECommerce directory are affiliates of InsLink, Inc. or have agreed to exchange links.

7.  If a link is "broken", please advise us by e-mail. We will check the link and remove it from the directory if it no longer reaches the referenced site.

8.  Several of the sites referenced are multi-purpose sites. We may only reference one area of the site. However, if you would like to advise us of your opinion, we will take your comments into account and may move the site to another category or create a new category.