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Aff Manager    
  Aff_Manager is a web-based software application that allows you to manage your own affiliate program and track your links and advertisements on other web sites.  
Affiliate Pro 2000    
  Use affiliate pro to manage and organize affiliate programs.  
  An affiliate management and tracking solution.  
  Professional affiliate sales tracking software.  
Affiliate Tracking Network    
  Provides companies with the tools and technology to administer a successful affiliate program on the Internet.  
  A fast, web-based affiliate marketing tracking, automation & management application that "plugs in" to virtually any website.  
  A web on-line management program that includes a turnkey affiliate system.  
  Just cut and paste a few lines of HTML code on your site to get your affiliate program going.  
  Provides a quick simple way to offer an affiliate program for your web site.  
All Affiliate Pro    
  Allows simple creation of a commission and/or clickthru based affiliate program.  
  Software that allows you to easily set up and run an associate, re-seller, or affiliate program  
  Offer your own affiliate program from your website and pay your affiliates only for performance (Pay per Sale and/or Lead and/or Click).