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  Track all your ads and promotions, know everything about them in order to know which promotion brought in the most amount of money and how..  
  Discover how to save 80% on internet advertising costs and churn out 450% more profits using an automated online tool.  
  PromotionStat utilizes innovative technologies to analyze the effectiveness of banner ads, keywords from search engines, link placements in E-Zines or other advertising or promotional campaigns.    
  A unique automated website traffic and profit generating system.  
  StatCRUNCHER gives you instant, real-time access to customized StatCRUNCHER reports that show you at-a-glance which ads and which media are working ... and which are not.   
  Allows the user to quickly zip through all of the stats for every single link, ad, or campaign with the push of a button, even if you have several web sites.    
  Scripts with asy to use interfaces, functionality, and security. Check out the Multi-URL Tracker, Biz Board Pro, and Multi-List Pro.  
  ProLinkz is a link creator, tracker, disguiser, and manager all rolled into one easy-to-use package.