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  The award-winning Google search engine is designed to provide a simple, fast way to search the Internet for information. Users access an index comprising 1.6 billion URLs, the largest search engine on the World Wide Web. .  
  The web's most popular search service helps people find information easily. Yahoo is the largest human-compiled guide to the web and employs about 150 editors who vist each site before it is cataloged.  
  AOL Search is a hierarchical Web directory, organized by subject. The user-submitted Web content is maintained by the Open Directory Project.  
  Lycos claims 7 million visitors per day. One of the most visited hubs on the Internet, Lycos claims 45+% of Internet users and ranks consistently among the top five most visited Internet hubs, the Lycos Network spans the globe.  
  Three levels of submission; Express inclusion, Trusted feed, and basic submit. A premier provider of high-powered search software to intranet, enterprise and e-commerce clients around the globe.  
  A simple straightforward submission page.  
  Follow this link, then click on the ADD OPTIONS tab.  
  Claims to reach 77% of Internet users. Users must pay for site review. A global leader in Web directories, with 32 directories spanning 27 countries and 13 languages.  
  Websites are submitted through the Open Directory Project.  
  Listing your site within Overture's search results is a cost-effective way to reach lots of targeted customers.  
  The Direct Hit URL submission form.  
  Registration of your URL is free of charge.  
  Gives a list of links where you can submit your site.  
  Register with here.  
  Submit2please hand submits websites and articles manually to search engine friendly directories through in-house experts, thus ensuring a time bound process! We also provide a detailed submission report.