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  A top rated search engine. Makes heavy use of link popularity for site rankings.  
  Yahoo is one of the most popular search engine services found on the Internet. It still uses human editors to look at websites before they are listed.
AOL America On-Line    
  One of the worlds largest online resources
  Gets most of its listings from the Open Directory Project
  Acquired Magellen and Webcrawler. Webcrawler offers the same results as Excite.  
  One of the largest search engines on the web, a favorite of researchers.  
  A large index powered by Fast Search technologies. Indexes 20 million wireless web pages.  
  Inktomi cannot be queried directly, but powers several other services.  
  Compiled by people, Looksmart provides results to MSN search, Excite, and other partners.  
  2.5 million expert reviewed websites.  
  Overture, formerly GoTo, claims to be the Internet's leading Pay-For-Performance search provider. Overture creates a real-time market for consumer attention based on advertiser bidding.  
  DirectHit technology is owned by Ask Jeeves, Inc.  
Northern Light    
  Northern Light uses its own propietary database covering 220 million web pages and 20 million articles.  
  All results, no mess.  
  Search the Top 1000 Search Sources and get the best results!  
  Searches six leading engines, plus its own "knowledgebase" of six million answers.    
  Place your site in this search engine and receive highly targeted traffic for pennies a click.  
  Backwash protects you from information overload. It does this by grouping people into collaborative surfing communities that find content and products across all subjects.  
  FindIt-Quick is a pay for position search engine. Just open an account and bid on the keywords. The higher you bid, the higher your listings are placed on the results page.