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EZine Marketing    
  A newsletter marketing mall and directory.  
OnLine Ezines    
  A newsletter devoted to keeping you up to date on the latest marketing news, advertising, promotions, web site design, marketing tools, tips and ideas. works to bring ezine writers and publishers together.  
LifeStyles Publishing    
  Offers a directory of Ezines and Ezine broadcast to broadcast classified ads.  
The Ezine Webring    
  The point of The E-zine Webring is to link together E-zines (that is, magazines published electronically) of all types.    
  A website devoted to ezines and related information.    
  Offers free content for an ezine or website. is a pay-per-subscriber ezine directory with the ability to send you hundreds, if not thousands of new subscribers.  
  The worlds ultimate ezine database.  
The Free Directory of Ezines    
  An Ezine resource with articles and tools.    
  The E-ZineZ site is dedicated to providing you with information to produce and publish an Internet E-mail Newsletter.  
EZine University    
  EzineUniversity exists to help you become a successful E-Zine Publisher. Several leading online experts share their expertise with you in this educational forum.  
EZine World    
  A one stop Ezine Marketing resource website with information, tools and tips to make your ezine marketing campaign a successful one.