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EZine Marketing Machine    
  A book about promoting websites through the use of ezine marketing.  
EZine Writer    
  A book with over 100 pages of skills, techniques and resources with a Step-by-step system to get you writing today.  
The Zine and Ezine Resource Guide    
  An article that discusses Ezine distribution.    
  Ezine-Tips strives to be the number-one source of free information for email newsletter publishers.  
Ezine Assistant    
  Software that promises to help ezine writers get subscribers, format email so it looks professional no matter what email client your recipient is using, and manage newsletter content.  
EZine Ad Swap Tracker Pro    
  Keeps track of up to 60 ad swaps, tracks the ad you are running for the other ezine, tracks your ad that is being run in the other ezine, and much more.  
The Mirror Ezine    
  Rick Beneteau's popular FREE newsletter focuses on personal development as it relates to business.  
The EBoz EZine Marketing Guide    
  A great introduction to EZine markeing, plus much more. A step by step guide to making an ezine work.  
  Zinester is a free mailing lists service and ezine hosting provider. Find out how convenient it is to publish ezines and newsletters with Zinester!