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Macromedia Fireworks    
  One of the premier graphic programs specialized for the Web. Allows the user to create, edit, and animate Web graphics using a complete set of bitmap and vector tools.  
Gif Animation  
Animagic GIF Animator  
  Animagic GIF Animator is an easy to use yet powerful GIF animation tool.
ULead GIF Animator    
  GIF Animator 5 is a robust and affordable GIF animation tool.
  An image manipulation program used to enhance, optimize, and create graphics. animated GIFs, Transparent GIFs, server-side and client-side image maps.
Graphic Utilities    
Xara WebStyle Version 2    
  Allows creation of web graphics - NavBars, buttons, banners, bullets, dividers, backgrounds, 2D and 3D headings.
Xara 3D    
  A tool for creating stunning, professional-quality 3D web graphics.
Xara X    
  An easy to use program ideal for creating both print and web graphics.
ULead PhotoImpact 6    
  Makes professional imaging and Web page creation easy and fast.
PaintShop Pro    
  Paint Shop Pro offers an easy affordable way to achieve professional results!    
  216 websafe color guide. Also a guide to professional Web Site Design and Development  
  Offer a jpeg and gif cruncher for graphic file optimization.  
SPADIX Software  
  Spadix Sofrware offers an award-wining, FREE screen ruler to accurately measure anything on the deskop. It supports pixels, cm, inches, picas.  
  ColorCombos offers a web color combinations testing tool and color library for web designers. It also includes a forum for color related discussions.  
  Powerful software for working with smileys and emoticons. Inserts smileys in e-mails, forums and MSN Messenger. Add new smileys, manage, and organize, smileys intuitively, easily, and quickly. Comes with over 1600 smileys and emoticons for any occasion. Categorized for easy browsing.  
Image Maps    
Web HotSpots    
  Web Hotspots 4.0 is a package of three programs that create interactive graphics and animations for the Web.
  Imagemap editing software, also available for the Mac.