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Java programming resources and tools.
The HOT list

Sun Microsystems    
  A complete list of Java resources from Sun Microsystems.  
Forte Tools    
  Java development tools from Sun Microsystems.  
Java Boutique    
  Offers an up-to-date listing of Integrated Development Environments and other development tools.  
CodeWarrior for Java    
  CodeWarrior’s open and customizable environment provides developers with productivity, support for team collaboration, and fastest time to market for creating innovative Java applications and services.  
Visual Java Development Tools    
  A reveiw of three popular Java visual development tools.  
  From IBM. A comprehensive Java development tool.  
  A visual Integrated Development Environment from Borland.  
Programmers Heaven    
  Resouces for programmers, including extensive Java resources.    
  Resources and discussion groups for Java developers.  
Java Tutorial    
  A comprehensive Java tutorial from Sun.  
Additional Java Resources    
  A listing of additional Java resources from Sun.