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The HOT list    
  An E-commerce and marketing directory, it collects high quality b2b ecommerce solutions and ecommerce software, internet marketing solutions and software, domain registration, search engine optimization and web site promotion advice.  
  Over 40,000 selected links in a one stop eCommerce Web Center. Expanded and updated frequently.  
Ecommerce Reference    
  The e-Commerce Reference by Internet Marketing Strategies, is dedicated to providing business with cutting edge e-Commerce resources and strategies.    
  The directory contains more than 400,000 listings within 25,000 industry, product and service subcategories. A good Ecommerce reference source.  
Catherwood Library    
  An introduction to the ECommerce that provides links to various aspects of e-commerce including international commerce, technical information, legal resources, online journals and newspapers, industry and association guides, and government policies.  
Business 2.0    
  An ECommerce web reference site.    
  A business and technology portal and global community network for E-business, information, technology, and knowledge management recommended by Business Week, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Computerworld, Information Week, etc.  
Tech News World    
  Real-Time technology news from around the world.  
University of N. Carolina    
  Selected resourcs for research in E-commerce.  
The Internet Marketing Reference Room    
  Browse this site for quick reference to outstanding articles on Internet marketing.  
Y Developer    
  YDeveloper is the premier source for quality yahoo store design and solutions offering e-commerce solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on Professional Web Desigining.